Wood List

Can wood really look like that?

The answer is; Yes! Wood comes in dozens of different colors and every pattern imaginable. The International Forestry Commission has calculated that there are over 1,200 species of trees that are used for their lumber. I select domestic and exotic woods for their depth of color and intricacy of grain (or "figure"). Highly figured woods include the Australian lacewood and the appropriately named South African zebrawood. All the woods that I use are abundant in their native countries and substainably harvested.

This is a list of the domestic and exotic woods that I work with most often. Any of these woods can be used in any order. Prices will vary on custom orders depending on availability. Click on any of the samples below to get information on that species of lumber.

All exotic lumber is subject to availability and may be unavailable due to limited supplies. Please inquire for custom orders.

(D) = Domestic Lumber, (E) = Exotic Lumber.. (H) = Hardwood, (S) = Softwood
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