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Rocking Horses


Rocking Thoroughbred

$450 - $600

The Thoroughbred is a powerful horse made to last for decades. I can make this horse from any of the woods available in the Woodlist.


Rocking Ponies

Andalusian Pony
Pine w/ White Oak Stain


Arabian Pony
Pine w/ Onyx Stain


Lustiano Pony
Pine w/ Red Mahogany Stain



Nordland Pony
Pine w/ Golden Oak Stain



Palomino Pony
Pine w/ Golden Pecan Stain



Suffolk Pony
Pine w/ Dark Walnut Stain


Rocking Ponies are made from pine and treated with various non-toxic stains to give the appearance of a horse's coat. Each horse is sealed with a non-toxic urethane and oil mixture to be safe and long lasting. The manes and tails are hand-knotted from quality scarf yarn.

Customized Rocking Ponies
are available to order.

Painted ponies are also
available for order.

Note: All Rocking Horses are only available for pick up or delivery; they do not break down for shipping. For a charge I will deliver to anywhere in New England and New York State.
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