of Custom Work


As a woodworker I regularly do custom commissions. Here are examples of some of the pieces that I am most proud of.




Custom chess set made from Mahogany. A new box was built around an existing chessboard. Client wanted to have a place to put the chess pieces when not in use. I took the existing board, refinished it and mounted it on to the new Mahogany base.




This toy was for a military wife who had just had a baby boy. She wanted to have the toy be the same type of helicopter as her husband was assigned to in Iraq. The toy was made from Black Walnut and Poplar.




This was a order for a custom model ship. I had never tried to make a model ship before, but was intrigued. I decided to base the model on a ship I was already familiar with, the "Lady Washington". The "Lady Washington" is a replica that operates in my home state and it was one of the ships used in the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. The model was made from Black Walnut. After it was all done it was over 24" tall and nearly 30" long.



I occasionally do large commissions and this one was for a local church. The church wanted a new information kiosk. They wanted something that was contemporary as well as elegant. The result came out better then I could have hoped. The entire kiosk is made from Yellow Poplar and then finished with a combination of golden oak stain and shellac.




Toys are a lot of fun for me so when a acquaintance of mine asked me to build her a tractor I said "No problem". He grown son had always wanted a tractor. She also knew he was never going to get one, so she asked me to make him a very special tractor just for him. The toy was made from Poplar and tinted green with blend of food coloring and vinegar.




I built this cradle for my nephew right before he was born. This cradle was made from White Pine and finished with polyurethane and shellac. The frame is designed to break down for easy storage. This piece will definitely become a family heirloom.




A customer wanted a toy to accompany the theme of her baby's nursery. "Under the Sea" was the theme, so I crafted a fish pull toy made from Padauk and Blue Mahoe. This toy sways back and forth on its offset wheels and while swaying gives the illusion that the fish is actually swimming after the child who pulls it. My son James did not want to give it up before we had to deliver it.


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