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Beads on a String

Beads made from Purpleheart, Blue Mahoe, Poplar,Yellowheart, Canarywood & Padauk. Dimensions: 1 bead .5”x 1.5”x 1.5”



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Everyone has seen wood blocks on a string but you have never seen one like this. I have searched all over to find wood that naturally comes in primary and secondary colors. Each wood is that color; no dye or stain was used.

The beads have been made from African Padauk (red cross), Canarywood (orange octagon), Yellowheart (yellow triangle), Sapwood Poplar (green circle), Blue Mahoe (blue pentagon), and Purpleheart (purple square). The cord is safe poly-nylon rope.

This piece is sealed with a natural oil, and can be safely chewed on. Recommended for ages 6m - 3years.

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