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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was always inspired by the natural beauty of wood. I used to wander the forests when I was young and marvel at the strength and grace of the trees. I started crafting wood in high school and later got into house carpentry where I was able to really appreciate the uses of wood, but I was never able to show the potential of what the wood could do or be. I went on to study Art at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I learned traditional forms of fine arts as well as their histories. I found there that sculpture did not need to be a bronze casting or a stone statue. I wanted to use my new skill in creating visual and tactile art and apply that to the medium that I had spent so much time learning to mold.

After graduating from college with a degree in fine art, my wife, Elizabeth and I moved to Rhode Island. We had our son, James and later our daughter Tomyris. While my wife worked for a Rhode Island newspaper, I decided to become a full-time father. Thinking that raising two children wasn't enough to keep me busy, I thought that my passion for wood and desire to make usable art could be something that I could share with others.

So with the help of family and friends, I started Bearded Seal Woodcrafts. I create what I call Practical Wooden Art that is fun for all ages.

My wife who is invaluable in helping me run my shop and at the same time creates beautiful jewelry from natural stone, mineral, bone and wood. Please visit her web-site to see her creations.

Rock On Fine Jewelry

You can see us at Art and Craft Fairs in the New England area.



My son, James is my Official Quality Control Director. He makes sure that all my toys are sturdy and will last through the most enthusiastic play.


My daughter, Tomyris is a junior member of my Quality Control Department, but she is still very important due to the fact she still likes to chew on the toys.


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